The Goldthorpe Cup - Winners

Hunslet Carr - Season 1924 - 25

Extract from the memoirs of Dick Thorpe a member of the winning team.

"My next keen recollection is my introduction to the infamous Hunslet Carr School Rugby League Team, at the tender age of 9. The school was in the midst of a 5 year spell of undefeated games in school rugby throughout Yorkshire. In my first full season, at 12 years of age, in the First team we amassed 1588 points and only had 3 points against."

Gary Bradford in Canada has both a Goldthorpe Cup and a Cripps Cup medal from 1925 that were won by his grandfather Fred Lyell.

The Goldthorpe family have the medal show below and also a silver serviette ring inscribed "Goldthorpe Cup 1925".


Hunslet Carr Team

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