Holt Park School

Goldthorpe Cup Winners 1984-85

Holt Park 46 - 16 Allerton Grange

Holt Park were immediately in command, despite Allerton Grange gaining most possession from the scrums. Dean Boyle, the outstanding Holt Park player who has had a magnificent season, opened the scoring, sidestepping skilfully to cross the line and also successfully kicking the goal. Immediately from the kick-off, he regained possession of the ball to make the score 10-0 and this time Michael Shelley got the goal. Another long solo run soon made the score 20-0 and Holt Park continued in this vein throughout the first half, running hard, passing efficiently and showing fine handling skills.

Although Boyle dominated play, his unselfish attitude allowed his side to demonstrate their sound teamwork and they increased their lead to 34-0 by half-time.

At this stage Allerton Grange were outclassed. Their tackling was erratic and their attacking play lacked the teamwork of their opponents. In the second half, however, a different picture emerged.

Allerton Grange were first to score in this half when the hard running David Hamilton achieved his sides first try. Sean Robertson added the goal. Holt Park scored two more tries through Boyle and Craig Merrick before Grange really turned on the pressure and gave a truly gutsy performance, attacking hard, working together much more effectively and fighting back to make the final score-line 46-16.

All credit to the runners up for their fine fight-back, but it was Holt Parks day, to complete a tremendous season for the boys who have won every event for which they have been entered.

The Holt Park squad consisted of: Andrew Heald, Mark Hennigan, Craig Merrick, Paul Thomas, Neil Schofield, Derek Broatch, Philip Simmons, Michael Shelley, Dean Boyle, Michael Isle, Robert Swann, Simon Freedman, Andrew Stuart, John Chadwick, Russell Merrick and Matthew McTurk.

Thanks to Stephen Boothroyd for this.