North Leeds v South Leeds

On April 26th 1886 a match took place between North Leeds and South Leeds. The North won by 1 Goal, 2 Tries and 5 Marks to 1 Try and 1 Mark. No details of the game are availabe but the teams are listed below.

North Leeds

J Northend (Leeds Parish Church)

R Walton (Leeds St. Johns)

S Waddington (Kirkstall)

James Goldthorpe (Leeds Parish Church)

J H Potter (Leeds St. Johns)

W Place (Leeds St. Johns)

E G Load (Leeds St. Johns)

W Milnes (Leeds St. Johns)

B Burrell (Leeds St. Johns)

J Oddy (Leeds Parish Church)

R Lumley (Leeds Parish Church)

G Greenwood (Leeds Parish Church)

H Sewell (Kirkstall)

J Illingworth (Kirkstall)

N Whittaker (Kirkstall)

South Leeds

N Hudson (Wortley)

C Lightowler (Wortley)

A North (Hunslet)

G Broadbent (Holbeck)

G Dennell (Wortley)

C Lapping (Hunslet)

C Mathers (Bramley)

J Wood (Bramley)

T Gould (Hunslet)

T Groves (Hunslet)

W Boyne (Holbeck)

W Leak (Holbeck)

G Brogden (Holbeck)

G Naylor (Wortley)

S Haworth (Wortley)

James Goldthorpe
played in this game

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