Leeds Parish Church team

Comment from Gordon Hodgson re W. Lotterington

I believe this man was my Great Aunt’s brother in law. She married Charles Henry Lotterington his brother. Lotterington was not a common name in Leeds and as far as I can tell, all of them descended from John Lotterington who moved from Holme on Spalding moor to Leeds around 1855. W. Lotterington’s full name was William Garlick Lotterington and was born 1870 in London while his mother and father ( a hairdresser) was travelling around the country.

Leeds Parish Church Team

Photographed outside the south doors of the parish Church in January 1893.

G Greeenwood (Secretary), H Rushforth (Touch Judge)

Standing : T Stephens, H Roberts, B Dickinson, C Richardson, J Dickinson, G E English, H Goldthorpe (no relation).

Seated : T Ryan, W Lotterington, J Worrall, G E Mosley (Capt) A Newell, A Lorryman, L E Greenwood.

Front : J Oddy.