In the early part of the 20th century the Goldthorpe name was one of the most respected names in the game of Northern Union Football.

"Albert Goldthorpe is, was and always will be a legend wherever the sport of rugby league is played for he was a true sportsman. He was Leeds' first sporting superstar", so says author Bryan Smith in his book 4 Cups to Fame.

"Three principles - Community, Integrity & Character made Albert Goldthorpe the great man he was" said Rugby League Historian Professor Tony Collins.

This site contains information about Albert and his four brothers, James, John, Walter and William who were all connected with either or both of the Hunslet and Leeds clubs in playing and administrative roles. Also included is information about the Goldthorpe family, and various historical rugby notes.

The Goldthorpe name is perpetuated with an annual Leeds schools Rugby League competition the Goldthorpe Cup which was established in 1904 and the Albert Goldthorpe Medal which was introduced in 2008 and is awarded to a Superleague player.

If you can connect your family to the "famous" Goldthorpe's or you have any information on any of the Brothers, the Goldthorpe Cup, or if you have copyright on anything used on this site please contact me.

Albert Goldthorpe