Goldthorpe Cup-Winners

The name of Albert Goldthorpe and his family is perpetuated with the annual renewal of the Goldthorpe Cup, the oldest schools rugby league competition in the world.

Season Winners Additional Information
2017-18 Corpus ChristiReport and Photo
2016-17 CrawshawReport and Photo
2015-16 Corpus ChristiRunners up Temple Moor (18-16)
2014-15 BrigshawRunners up Morley (26-20)
2013-14 Corpus ChristiRunners up Leeds West
2012-13 Corpus Christi Runners up John Smeaton (44-24)
2011-12 John SmeatonReport
2010-11 BruntcliffeRunners up Cardinal Heenan
2009-10PriesthorpeRunners up Bruncliffe
2008-09BruntcliffeRunners up David Young Academy.
2007-08RodillianReport and Photo
2006-07Boston SpaReport
2004-05RodillianSome Results and Draw here
2003-04BrigshawReport and Photo
2002-03Merlyn ReesReport
2001-02MorleyReport and Photo
2000-01BruntcliffeReport and Photo
1999-00BrigshawReport and Photo
1998-99BruntcliffeBrief Comment
1997-98Pudsey GrangefieldRunners up Woodkirk
1996-97Merlyn ReesBrief Comment
1995-96Merlyn ReesRunners up Cockburn (28-18)
1994-95CrawshawRunners up West Leeds (26-22)
1993-94BruntcliffeRunners up Merlyn Rees (16-8)
1992-93Agnes StewartReport
1990-91Hunslet and Woodkirk
1988-99Fir TreeReport
1987-88Armley MiddleReport
1986-87Not Contested
1985-86Not Contested
1984-85Holt ParkReport
1983-84Holt ParkRunners up Middlethorne (26-14).
1982-83St Peter and PaulTeam News
1981-82MiddlethorneRunners up Holt Park (21-6).
1980-81St Peter and Paul
1976-77John Blenkinsop
1975-76Arthur Greenwood
1974-75Arthur Greenwood
1971-72MiddletonBrief Comment
1970-71St Joseph's
1969-70ParksideRunners up Belle Isle (14-12)
1968-69Belle Isle
1967-68ParksideRunners up St Joseph's (17-5)
1966-67Belle IsleRunners up St Joseph's (25-4)
1965-66MiddletonRunners up Belle Isle (11-9)
1964-65Finalists were Belle Isle & Middleton
1963-64Belle Isle
1962-63Belle Isle
1961-62Belle Isle
1959-60MiddletonRunners up Belle Isle
1958-59MiddletonRunners up Bewerley Street
1957-58Hunslet Carr
1956-57Hunslet CarrRunners up St Joseph's
1955-56Hunslet CarrRunners up Middleton
1954-55St Joseph'sRunners up Bewerley St. Photo
1953-54Hunslet CarrRunners up Middleton
1952-53Hunslet CarrPhoto and Brief Comment
1951-52Hunslet C of ERunners up Beeston
1950-51MiddletonRunners up Hunslet Carr (6-3)
1949-50Dewsbury RoadBrief Comment
1948-49Not Contested
1947-48Not Contested
1946-47Not Contested
1939-46-Competition Suspended due to war
1938-39Finalists were Hunslet Carr & Middleton
1937-38Finalists were Hunslet Carr & Middleton
1936-37Finalists were Hunslet Carr & Middleton
1934-35Hunslet CarrRunners up St Joseph's (6-0)
1933-34Hunslet NationalRunners up Hunslet Carr
1932-33Hunslet NationalRunners up Middleton
1931-32Hunslet Carr
1930-31Hunslet CarrRunners up Jack Lane
1929-30Hunslet Carr
1928-29Hunslet CarrNewspaper Comment
1927-28Hunslet Carr
1926-27Hunslet National
1925-26Jack LaneRunners up Hunslet Carr
1924-25Hunslet CarrPhoto
1923-24Hunslet CarrPhoto
1922-23Hunslet Carr
1921-22Hunslet CarrPhoto
1920-21Hunslet CarrPhoto
1919-20BlenheimRunners up Halton
1915-19-Competition suspended due to war
1914-15Bramley National
1913-14Bramley National
1912-13Jack LaneMedal Photos
1911-12Bramley National
1910-11Bramley NationalPhoto
1909-10Bramley NationalRunners up Burley Nat-Medal Photos
1908-09Bramley NationalRunners up Jack Lane
1907-08St Hilda'sReport and Results
1906-07Jack LanePhoto
1904-05Burley LawnReport
1903-04Bramley NationalReport
1902-03Hunslet CarrRetrospectively named Goldthorpe Cup

Special thanks to Stephen Boothroyd for providing much of the information on the Goldthorpe Cup pages and also to Peter Todd for his help.