The Goldthorpe family have aquired assorted memorabilia over the years. Photographs of individual family members can be found on the pages named above. Images of newspaper articles can be found under the Literary Cuttings link to the left. Photos of some of the medals awarded to the brothers are linked on the left. Goldthorpe Cup team photographs can be found on the Goldthorpe Cup pages. Other items are shown below.

An additional gallery of team photos can be found here.


Yorkshire Cap 1892 Cap 1895-6 Tie 1895 Headingley in 1897 and 1926
Baines Cards Windyhill Farm Urn Farm Hunslet Lapel Badge
Cricket Certificate Hunslet Membership Card Goldthorpe Cup Various Goldthorpe Cup Medals
Dinner Card 1910 England and Wales Autographs 1910 James's Booklet 1911 Cigarette Box 1918
Complimentary Ticket Cup Final 1934 Arrangements Cup Final 1934 Autographs Cup Final 1934 Music
Cup Final 1934 Lapel Badge Leeds Fixture Card 1939-40 RL Review 1947 Parkside 1970's
Centenary Cup and Plate Trading Card 1995 T Shirt 2004 Four Cups Book
Albert Goldthorpe Medal Commemorative Plaque Albert Goldthorpe Shield Goldthorpe Shield Pin Badge 2013


Hunslet News 1908 Hunslet v Widnes 1934 Leeds v Halifax 1938 Hunslet v Dewsbury 1938
Leeds v Dewsbury 1938 Hunslet v Leeds 1938 Leeds v Halifax 1939 Dewsbury v Leeds 1941
GB v Australisia 1951 Hunslet v Leeds 1958 Leeds v Doncaster 1969 Leeds v Bramley 1970
New Hunslet v Castleford 1976 Featherstone v New Hunslet 1978 Hawks v Rhinos 2008

Team photos here.