In the early part of the 20th century the Goldthorpe name was one of the most respected names in the game of Northern Union Football. There were five brothers, Albert, James, John, Walter and William. They were connected with either or both of the Hunslet and Leeds clubs in playing and administrative roles.

The Goldthorpe name is perpetuated with an annual Rugby League competition, the Goldthorpe Cup, which is played for by schools in Leeds.

These pages originally started out as a family site reflecting the contributions of the Goldthorpe Brothers to the Game of Rugby. With the discovery of James's record book the site has developed to cover various historical aspects of the game. Whilst it is written from a Leeds & Hunslet perspective hopefully anybody interested in the history of the game will find this site informative no matter who they support.

This site also contains information on the family history. If you are researching your family tree and may be able to make a connection to the famous Goldthorpe family then please get in touch.

If you have any information on any of the Brothers, the Goldthorpe Cup, other relevant historical notes or if you have copyright on anything used on this site please e-mail me.

An updated version of this site is available here Albert Goldthorpe and Family

Albert Goldthorpe
  with all 4 cups

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